News Jan-June 2019

News 2019

January 12

First show of the year and Buddha and Helia set off for an open puppy show (up to 15 months). RidgeRules RV Next Move "Helia" 9 months old at the time and Rubicon Red Golden Buddha 11 months old. Anaelle, Angelie, Maria and myself packed the cars and the dogs were delighted to get all the attention. Buddha especially enjoyed having all of his girls with him - such a little charmer.Buddha is co-owned by myself and Maria Kierkegaard Lundström who is also Helia's breeder.  

Both dogs did well in the ring and although the breed entry was a modest 5, the judge gave our duo much love in their written critiques as well as verbally as she awarded them BOB and BOS. Helia took out top honours and Best of Breed on the day and the judge commented that she has all the breed type you could wish for and this is just what a Ridgeback should look like, in her opinion. The first indoors show for Helia and she behaved like a pro and seemed to enjoy the attention. She finished very nicely Best in group-2 from a strong lineup group 4/6. 

After the show we found a lovely spot for a quick photo shoot of our youngsters. 

RidgeRules RV Next Move "Helia" 9 months old

Buddha BOS-puppy and Helia BOB-puppy. 

Helia in the BIG-finals

Helia finishing nicely as Best in group-2 from a strong lineup

Rubicon Red Golden Buddha 11 months old

RidgeRules RV Next Move "Helia" 9 months old

March 31

Great show training with Emelie Pisano and Maria Kierkegaard Lundström. Managed to get a few awesome head shots of lovely Helia - RidgeRules RV Next Move - at 11 months of age. 

April 9

Super excited to announce that our handsome boy Rubicon Red Golden Buddha has been x-rayed with hips grade A and clear elbows. Happy, happy! 

April 9

Photo shoot with Helia's "grandmother" Emelie Pisano, dad Ifa and brother Vince. The dog performed so well and we had loads of fun capturing these beautiful dogs on photo. Pictured below is Helia at almost 12 months of age. 

April 19 - Swedish Winner show 2019, judge Sara Nordin, breed entry 50+

Maria, Anaelle, Angelie, Jonathan and took a trip up north in Maria's motorhome, together with Helia, Buddha and Felicia. At the show we met up with Emelie, Sebastian and Leona with Helia's dad Ifa (Ch RidgeRules Ifa My Treasure) and brother Vince (RidgeRules Keep On Wishing). Also Ulrika and Henry (Ave Caesar My Fame And Fortune) joined our happy gang.

We truly had an excellent day! In the junior class (of 14!) Vince took the first place and thus won the title Swedish Junior Winner 2019. Henry was 2nd in class, with Buddha going 3rd, They all received champion quality awards. Ifa was 2nd in champion class. Vince was our highest placer in best male with a 2nd place and his first CAC. What a start to his show career! 

In the bitch class, Helia won the junior class - like her brother attaining the title Swedish Junior Winner 2019. Felica was 1st in champion class and the half-sister placed 2nd and 3rd in best bitch. Helia bb-2 with reserve-CAC. Happy, happy! 

SEJW-14 RidgeRules RV Next Move "Helia"

New Swedish Junior Winners 2019 - RidgeRules Keep On Wishing "Vince" and sister RidgeRules RV Next Move "Helia"

April 27 - National show in Västerås, judge Brett Hamilton, breed entry 53

Another lovely show in great company. Our baby boy Buddha (Rubicon Red Golden Buddha) was 2nd in a big junior class and finished very nicely 4th best male. Helia's brother Vince (RidgeRules Keep On Wishing) placed 3rd in the class. Helia herself won the junior class and finished very nicely as best bitch-2 with reserve-CAC. Very pleased with the day! 

SEJW-19 RidgeRules RV Next Move in front of the judge

Left: Rubicon Red Golden Buddha and right SEJW-19 RidgeRules Keep On Wishing

What more can you ask for when importing a dog?! Our super stunning and equally sweet tempered Rubicon Red Golden Buddha at 14 months of age. Co-owned and living with Maria Kierkegaard Lundströms. Hips grade A, elbows 0/0, clear of JME, DM and EOAD. It's like a dream - almost have to pinch myself. :)