Rex Ventors Willa

Born: May 2, 2021

Sire: S Ch Rubicon Red Golden Buddha

Dam: Hagmo's Happy Candy


ED: 0/0

JME: clear by parentage

DM: clear by parentage

Hemophilia: clear by parentage

D-locus/Dilute: clear by parentage

B-locus: clear by parentage
EOAD: clear by parentage
Ridge: not tested

Height: 63 cm 

Weight: 33 kg

Owners: Veronica Thorén, Sofia Kennryd & Finn Parck

We're super excited to co-own this beautiful girl with Sofia and Finn. She caught our eye from when she was new born with her glowing golden-orange color and affectionate character. 

In her every day life, she's the perfect sister of two young boys and tags along with her family everywhere.