Proud breeder of loyal and sociable companion dogs as well as award winning show-, tracking- and obediance dogs

Rex Ventors

Rhodesian Ridgeback since 1993

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Rex Ventors was established in 1996 and the first litter was born in 1998. Today it is a mother and daugher run kennel, situated in Stockholm, Sweden. 

We breed occationally and selectively. All of our puppies are reared with the Puppy Culture training and socialization protocol in order to ensure that they get the best possible start in life. 

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This is what you get from us and what we want from you

Rex Ventors Family

When you get a puppy from us you will be included in a tightly knit community of dog enthusiasts. We have a private Facebook group where all Rex Ventors bred and associated dog owners are welcome. Here we help and support each other, make plans for activities, trainings and play dates and share tips and information. 

Our community is a two way street. As much as we and your fellow kennel mates are always ready to lend a helping hand and a supportive word, you are also expected to contribute to the community in social media and take part in our activities. 


Examples of things we do together:

  • Annual RV kennel camp
  • Field tracking weekend
  • Mentality test (BPH)
  • Shows
  • Puppy meets and play sessions
  • Training sessions
  • Kennel walks

Enrichment is the key to a content dog and we expect our puppies to be provided with plenty of mental stimulation through training, scent work and fun challenges.

Our puppy families

Our puppy families are carefully selected to raise our puppies to their fullest potential. Puppies can be monsters and young dogs are hard work. Our families raise their pups with a firm but always soft and positive hand. Throughout the challenging times, they keep in touch and reach out when they need support and advice. They put time, effort and primarily love into raising their four legged family member and know that every moment of training will contribute to a happier dog and a stronger bond between dog and person. Our puppies are always primarily family pets and treated accordingly. 



I chose Rex Ventors as breeder because of their commitment to the Puppy Culture program giving their puppies the best prerequisites for becoming confident and happy individuals. The first 1,5 years with our RR boy has been exciting and eventful and whenever we’ve had questions or challenges the RV crew has been there for support. Also, we’re grateful for all the fun with the other dogs and -owners within the RV family!

Elisabet with Leon

(Rex Ventors Xameleon)


We have had four Ridgeback males, the last two we bought from Veronica and Anaelle at Rex Ventors. We have had the best dogs you can imagine! All puppy families receive help and support, from the first decision to buy a dog and throughout the dog's entire life. They are extremely meticulous in their breeding program, which feels safe. You even get an instruction book for all stages of your dog's life. You also become a member of the fantastic RV Family. When I buy my next dog, it will be from Rex Ventors.


with Weston and Rolex


"I have been admiring Rex Ventors breeding work from the day I saw MultiCh MultiW Rex Ventors Helinn winning Best of Breed and Best in Group at Helsinki European Winner Show back in 2006. Having a puppy from Rex Ventors has been a dream ever since. Couldn’t be more pleased with my Swedish import boy Freddie and all the help and support I’ve got from his breeders Veronica and Anaelle. For all the questions and dilemmas, you also get the support of the extended Rex Ventors Family. I’ve had many dogs and different breeds but never have I had a puppy more socialized and open than Freddie - thanks to the long time breeding work of course but also because of the Puppy Culture program.

Lari-Matti with Freddie
Riziki Ridgebacks, Finland

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