Hagmo's Happy Candy

Born: Sept 9, 2017

Sire: S Ch Rex Ventors Taz

Dam: Ultra Aslan's The Girl is Mine


ED: 0/0

JME: N/N (not carrier)

DM: N/N (not carrier)

Hemophilia: N/N (not carrier)

D-locus/Dilute: D/D (not carrier of blue dilute)

B-locus: B/B (not carrier of liver gene) 
EOAD: N/N (not carrier)

Ridge gene: R/r 

Height: 63 cm 

Weight: 32 kg

BPH (behavior and personality assessment): approved and gunshot proof

Dam of Rex Ventors W-litter 2021

Breeder: Gurli & Thomas Eneroth

Owner: Fredrik Sollenby & Johanna Granlunf

Ciah is the beautiful daughter of Ch Rex Ventors Taz and the lovely Ultra Aslan's The Girl is Mine (daughter of Multi Ch Rex Ventors Helinn). Ciah is superfun and affectionate who has a very special place in our hearts. We are so grateful to Fredrik & Johanna for allowing us to lease Ciah as the dam of our W-litter so that we may breed back to so many of our golden oldies. In her pedigree Ciah has some amazing RV dogs - Helinn, Iving, Taz and Daquila - all worthy RV Champions.

We are thrilled to bits with Ciah's first litter sired by our boy Buddha (Rubicon Red Golden Buddha). A lovely, outgoing bunch of babies that we are so enjoying to follow as they grow. 

Luckily Ciah's owners have agreed to let us have another litter from this special girl. Stay tuned for more news towards early 2023. 

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