Our dogs - Ciah

Hagmo's Happy Candy

Born: Sept 9, 2017

Sire: S Ch Rex Ventors Taz

Dam: Ultra Aslan's The Girl is Mine


ED: 0/0

JME: N/N (not carrier)

DM: N/N (not carrier)

Hemophilia: N/N (not carrier)

D-locus/Dilute: D/D (not carrier of blue dilute)

B-locus: B/bs (carrier of liver gene)
EOAD: N/N (not carrier)

Ridge gene: R/r

Height: 63 cm

Weight: 32 kg

Behavior and personality assessment (BPH) with gunshot.

Dam of Rex Ventors W-litter

Ciah is the daughter of Ch Rex Ventors Taz and her mother is daughter of Multi Ch Rex Ventors Helinn. Ciah's pedigree is the closest we can get today, to our old renowned bloodlines. 

Ciah lives with our friends Fredrik and Johanna Granlund. Fredrik is a long time friend who has previously co-owned several dogs with us. When we politely asked if there was any chance that we could include this precious gem in our breeding program, we were extactic to learn that they agreed. 

Consequently Ciah became the dam of our beautiful W-litter, sired by our Buddha. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have second litter from her.