Our dogs - Aska

RidgeRules Quickstep

Born: March 3, 2017

Sire: S Ch Rex Ventors Taz

Dam: RidgeRules Treasured La Belle


ED: 0/0

EOAD: N/N (not carrier)

JME: N/N (not carrier)

DM: N/N (not carrier)

Hemophilia: N/N (not carrier)

D-locus/Dilute: D/D (not carrier of blue dilute)

B-locus: B/B (not carrier of liver gene)

Ridge gene: R/R (not carrier of ridgeless)

Height: 65 cm

Weight: 35 kg

1 x Res-CAC
NW1 TSM Diploma

Behavior and personality assessment (BPH) with gunshot.

Dam of Rex Ventors V- and X-litters

Owned by Louise Lundberg

Aska is the beautiful daughter of Ch Rex Ventors Taz. As we wanted to resume breeding after a long break, we were so fortunate to be offered to lease Aska for a litter, so that we were able to re-start with our old bloodlines. 

Aska's mum Louise Lundberg soon became a close friend and is closely involved in the kennel. Aska's first litter was easily whelped and Aska was a lovely mum. Eventually it was decided that we would have a second litter from her. Aska has produced some lovely progeny - very much the Rex Ventors style. 

Aska now shares her life with her daughters RLD N Rex Ventors Vida and Rex Ventors Xephyra.