RidgeRules Quickstep

Born: March 3, 2017

Sire: S Ch Rex Ventors Taz

Dam: RidgeRules Treasured La Belle


ED: 0/0

EOAD: N/N (not carrier)

JME: N/N (not carrier)

DM: N/N (not carrier)

Hemophilia: N/N (not carrier)

D-locus/Dilute: D/D (not carrier of blue dilute)

B-locus: B/B (not carrier of liver gene) 

Ridge gene: R/R (not carrier of ridgeless)

Height: 65 cm 

Weight: 35 kg

BPH (behavior and personality assessment): approved and gunshot proof

Avarded Champion Quality from very limited showing

Dam of Rex Ventors V-litter 2020

Breeder: Maria Kierkegaard Lundström

Owner: Louise Lundberg

Aska is the beautiful daughter of Ch Rex Ventors Taz and the adorable RidgeRules Treasured La Belle. She stole our hearts already in the puppy pen as the charming, little Ms Pink. 

After admiring Aska from a distance as she grew into balanced and very typey young lady, we were thrilled to bits when we were offered to have a litter from her. Rex Ventors V-litter was born and raised in close co-operation with Aska's owner Louise. 

Aska is a girl with a very steady temperament, lots of self-confidence and tons of humour. She always does something to crack you up. She's a talker and enjoys to sit on furniture or even better - in your lap. Aska is also very happy show off some of her many tricks, such as kiss, paw or spin. 

So far we are immensely happy with Aska's progeny from her first litter. They are a lot of outgoing individuals with their mother's self-confidence and will to please. We are excited to announce that we have been offered to have one more litter from this special girl. 

Fall 2021 we hope to welcome Aska's second litter of puppies into the Rex Ventors family.