About us

About us

In 2018 we celebrated 25 years in the breed and 20 years in breeding. It was also the year that marked a new start for Rex Ventors after some years away from the dog scene. We were happy to welcome Buddha, Helia and Pato into the kennel - some new additions that will both maintain the renowned Rex Ventors blood line and add some exciting new blood. In 2019, Boris also joined us, adding some new exciting American/Brazilian blood as well as giving us the old Rex Ventors bloodline. 

Since the very first Rex Ventors litter was born in 1998, the kennel has produced an impressive 46 champions and many additional CAC/CACIB-winners. The kennel has been awarded World Winner, World Veteran Winner, 2 x European Winner, 2 x Crufts Best of Breed, 3 x Nordic Winner, 7 x Swedish Winner, 4 x Norwegian Winner, 5 x Finnish Winner. We had the top winning RR in Sweden 2001-2007 and has also breed the top winning RR in the UK in 2002, top winning RR i Norway in 2004 and top winning RR in Denmark in 2013/14. We've also had BISS or ruBISS-winners at National Specialty level six times in Sweden and six times in Norway, as well as BISS/ruBISS wins in other countries including Australia, Denmark and France.

Rex Ventors proudly cooperate with successful RidgeRules kennels, owned my long time friend Maria Kierkegaard Lundström. 

In 2020 the first Rex Ventors litter in 10 years was born, marking a new a new start but seeking to preserve our old style. We could think of no better way of doing this, than to line breed back to our fabulous foundation bitch Demi. As we look to the future, we remember the past and aim at maintaining the shape and character that has always defined a Rex Ventors Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

All Rex Ventors puppies will be reared in accordance with the Puppy Culture protocol. This is a positive reinforcement-based program in which we observe the individual puppy and serve it with age appropriate learning experiences which build confidence and self-efficacy. As a puppy family, we expect you to carry on this training in order to bring out the best qualities in your puppy. We are of course available for support and inspiration as you take on a fantastic journey with your new friend. Read more about Puppy Culture here >>

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Veronica Thorén


Maria Kierkegaard Lundström (RidgeRules) and Veronica Thorén (Rex Ventors) with Multi Ch RidgeRules Humble Heiress, Rubicon Red Golden Buddha (co-owned), RidgeRules RV Next Move and Diamondridge Rio de Janeiro (co-owned).