Diamondridge Rio de Janeiro

Born: Dec 22, 2018

Sire: GB Ch Diamondridge Da Vinci JW

Dam: Xalon of Malabo APD at Diamondridge 

(imp Brazil)


ED: 0/0 

EOAD:  clear by parentage

JME: clear 


Hemophilia B: Not carrier

D-locus/Dilute: D/D not carrier
B-locus: b/b
Ridge gene: R/R

Height: 69 cm 

Weight: 44 kg 

Breeder: Kalvin & Lindsey Barnes 

Owners: Veronica Thorén & Maria Kierkegaard Lundström

It is with great joy that Maria Kierkegaard Lundström and I announce the long awaited arrival of our very special boy Boris. When we first bumped in to Boris' wonderful dam Rio in 2017, it only took us hours to decide that we wanted one of her babies. We were happy to learn that she would be mated to handsome Baccus, who has some of our all time favorites in his pedigree. Two years later our livernosed Boris is finally here! 

We want to thank Kelvin & Lindsey Barnes for baring with us and especially for allowing this promising young boy to come and stay with us. We do feel that he takes after his stunning grandfather Ch Robert Redford of Malabo APD and we know this is a personal favorite of Lindsey's which makes us even more honored that you let us have him. We will do our best to make you and Ana Paola Diniz proud!

Boris lives with Maria's sister Emelie Kierkegaard and family so we're keeping him close.